Hidden Curriculum : What Are The Traits? Essay

Hidden Curriculum : What Are The Traits? Essay

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Hidden curriculum: What are the traits in reality?
This essay has briefly described the educational nuance in Finland and Indonesia from the written curriculum documents and works of literature. On the one hand, it is interesting to examine what is the covert aspect that overlies those curriculums. On the other, to explain such phenomena would be very hard to do, for instance, as geographical and cultural variance span across those countries. Nevertheless, this essay will try to capture the phenomena in Aceh rural region, Indonesia, and compare it with events that occur in Finland as informed by literature.
This phenomenon is known as hidden curriculum, in which Wilson (2016) defined [hidden curriculum] is implied by the very structure and nature of school [and society], much of what revolves or established routines. Additionally, Cornbleth (1984) added that hidden curriculum often includes how information, beliefs, behavior and attitudes portrayed in the school nature. We cannot find this phenomenon in the stated curriculum; instead, we can find it on how curriculum being implemented and experienced. She also added that hidden curriculum might be a lever either as an opportunity or constraint in the educational provision.
Take teacher beliefs in teaching and learning for example. In my context, teachers’ efficacy tend to maintain the traditional views on teaching (Ahmad, 2014). Teacher-dominant pattern regularly found in the primary classroom. Rarely, teacher led to a self-directed, innovative, and inquiry learning, as what mandated in the Kurikulum 2013 (Kemdikbud, 2004). From personal observation, this problem even magnified because teachers assumed to change their traditional practice is dawdling, wasting time (Pantiwati, 201...

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.... To put into perspectives, presently there are many cases where students have to swim, or where they were risking their lives to cross a dangerous rope bridge to reach their schools, yet, they still joyously to be a student. Interestingly, regardless their performance, quality of resource, teacher, and system, Finnish students result is far below Indonesian students (OECD, 2014, p. 21). A study by FitzSimmons, Uusiautti & Suoranta (2013) seems to validate the result. They find that its school system does lack not only the spirit and joy of learning but also the atmosphere of care and love (p. 31).
By no means to exaggeration, rather, as reflective tools, imagine how Indonesian students’ performance would become if the two formers hidden curriculum aspects were slightly similar as Finnish system. This essay believes great things will happen for Indonesia education.

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