Hidden Curriculum And Its Impact On Education Essay

Hidden Curriculum And Its Impact On Education Essay

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Hidden curriculum is one of the most important concepts which build our society. Trends underlying this concept influence and modify children’s thoughts and behavior. Most people even do not understand how strong and controversial the basis they get from schools and universities is. In addition, people generally do not notice the significance of difference between what is said and what is considered, as well as between what is genuinely right and what is right according to the rules. What is hidden curriculum? A lot of aspects of this concept are hidden and unspeakable. Generally, hidden curriculum can be described as values and beliefs, and even lessons which are unofficial, unwritten or unintentional which children get at educational institutions (Hidden Curriculum Definition, 2015). However, hidden curriculum is more than just values and beliefs. It can be described as “an introduction to a particular way of life” (Giroux, 2009). Through studying the critical pedagogy course we became familiar with a lot of concepts, which are hidden in a curriculum and have a great impact on education. The hidden curriculum in schools “works in a subtly discriminating way to discredit the dreams, experiences, and knowledges associated with students from specific class, racial, and gender groupings” (Giroux, 2009). Sex education, media influences, history silences, psychological, racism, cultural issues, policies and guidelines issues are all challenges of changing those the aspects of hidden curriculum, which significantly shape people’s minds.
First, sex education is an important part of children’s development. Let’s leave behind the debate between traditional and comprehensive approach and review how the concept is excluded from the curri...

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.... In this case, teachers normally assess boys higher, they are most welcome to them and praise them more than girls (McLaren, 2009). This situation happens quite often in western culture. Also, this situation is also related to class differences. Anyon (1980) stated that schools who teach students who come from families with well-educated family members and have high income tend to “occupy particular rungs of the social ladder”. Hence those, who come from working class families, tend to become workers as their parents because their teachers intentionally or unintentionally shape their minds and opinions to convince students that it is only what they deserve. Teachers essentially form students’ worldview, and teachers’ psychological basis is generally significantly incorporated by the students. Thus, the hidden curriculum demonstrates its impact on students once again.

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