Hidden Curriculum : An Aspect Of Education Essay

Hidden Curriculum : An Aspect Of Education Essay

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The hidden curriculum is an aspect of education that affects teachers’ practices and should be explored. Hidden curriculum refers to, the implied teaching of morals, etiquette, and social demeanour in the context of schools; while implementing the stature of obedience, patriotism and overall adherence to foster society 's status quo. (Konieczka, 2013) In relation, the broader scope of how classroom procedures are dictated refers to teaching practices. Attitudes and behaviors of teachers indirectly affect the development of student’s psyche and moral etiquette’s. (Konieczka, 2013) The morals and ethics teachers possess however, may not always have a positive essence; Influencing students to obtain a negative disposition about their social environments and society as a whole.
Within this paper, the influence of hidden curriculum on students and the direct relation of teachers to be inclusive, accepting, and aware in response will be explored.

The fragile status quo and existing (respect for) power within and outside institutions are desired and demanded to be kept. Students are to have unquestioning obedience and to strictly follow what they are told by authorities. (Sharpe & Curwen, 2012) When students conform, they are rewarded. (Sharpe & Curwen, 2012) Otherwise, they are punished accordingly. Although this constructs harmony, in the sense of respect, honor and fear for teachers alike, it’s dismaying what otherwise lies beneath the surface. Children have little to no power in their lives and are demanded what to do.(Sharpe & Curwen, 2012) When teachers hold a hostile position, in means of acquiring the best for themselves (or otherwise, the easiest method of teaching or transcribing) and neglecting others to achieve this, this c...

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...ntality is affected by different influences and prominent figures within their lives. Therefore, teachers play a significant role in the development of students ethical characteristics. (Konieczka, 2013) In order to create a balanced and cohesive setting, it is critical that teachers display a positive connotation by being inclusive, accepting and aware. When teachers subsist to deliver personal ideologies rather than cognitive content, authoritative figure can interpose by implementing restrictions to demeaning discriminatory statements and social inequality within a classroom. With that, institutions can raise general awareness about hidden curricula in order to make classrooms inclusive of all cultural, linguistic and social backgrounds. In this way, students can obtain healthy dispositions and positive, sensible views about society and their social environments.

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