Hidden and Obvious Messages Essay

Hidden and Obvious Messages Essay

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When art in the late antique period was represented by the Jews and Christians in Rome, the result was beautiful paintings, mosaics, sculpture and architecture. What is so unique about this era is that the pieces portrayed biblical scenes, people and places. During the time of Christian persecution, Christian and Jewish art was at times used as a communicator of undercover messages. Many of this art has been found in the catacombs, which were passages under Rome. The Christians and Jews used these passages for safe and secure homes as well as burial chambers. Because they were also used as burial chambers, they contained art just as much art as cathedrals and places of worship did. These pieces of art of are significant because they are the interpretations of events in scripture from people in that era.
Art from the late antique period usually depicted biblical themes such spiritual re-birth, creation, and scenes from the four gospels; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. This fact is evident even in architecture and reliefs. Art such as this helps Christians understand the bible because they illustrate pictures and events from the bible. When one sees a story from the bible in a picture, it aids in imagining what happened. Our faith may be strong, but sometimes it is inspiring to see these beautiful pieces that display how artistic Christians can be in art relating to biblical stories. This art is a definite reflection of the artist's worldview, as well as a witness to the world that Christianity was never a passing fad; it is a personal relationship. These gorgeous portrayals of biblical history and themes help one understand the development and magnitude of Christian art.
The life of Jesus was mirrored in m...

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...soleum is an interesting piece of architecture, it is not as beautiful as its inside.
After observing all the art in the chapter, it can be concluded that it is quite interesting as well as surprising that these artists put forth such effort to use so many colors and designs. The illuminated Rebecca and Eliezer at the Well (11-20) pictures a castle, camels with shading, and people who are wearing clothes with different colors. The mosaics always had beautiful, intricate designs, and the architecture was always decorated. These pieces of art are truly effective communicators of the Christian message and Biblical themes.

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