Hershey 's Cookies And Cream Candy Bar Essay

Hershey 's Cookies And Cream Candy Bar Essay

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Hershey’s Cookies & Cream Candy Bar
My favorite child hood snack was Hershey’s Cookies and cream white chocolate candy bar. I couldn’t get enough of them when I was younger. So I was thrilled with this assignment to see what ingredients this delicious candy contains. The five interesting ingredients I found in this candy bar is Vegetable Oil, Cocoa Butter, Folic Acid, Shea, and Corn Syrup.
Let’s start with the first ingredient Vegetable oil. According to (Thankyourbody.com) Vegetable oil is an oil that is extracted from various seeds. The most common is “rapeseed” which is also known as “canola oil’, This oil is extracted in a very “un natural” way. Also containing large Amounts of Omega-6. It also contains very large amounts of biologically fat and trans fat. according to(authoritynutriton.com) which is a polyunsaturated fat. It is very unhealthy for you. Doesn’t sound too bad now right? Well not until you hear about the side effects of Vegetable Oil that might make you reconsider ever buying or consuming anything with Vegetable Oil at all! According to authoritynutriton.com it messes up the good fatty acids in our body which is Omega-3 and Omega-6. You ever heard that “saying” having too much can be too much and can actually cause damaging side effects from an overload. Vegetable oil contains large amounts of Omega-6 causing and imbalance in your body. Now we need both a Balance of Omega-3 and Omega-6 in our body to be healthy. So having an imbalance can actually damage the vital structures like your DNA. They increase harmful oxidative chain reactions. Like inflammation. Omega-6 are the fatty acids in your body that make substances in your body called Eicosanoids. Eicosanoids assist in cellular messaging and immunity inflam...

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...bmd.com Folic acid is actually mostly safe and is used for many good benefits for the body such as anemia,pregenant woman take it also to help prevent miscarriages. Its taken to prevent numerous disesase such as colon and cervical cancer, heart disesease along with strokes. Its used for the Alheziner Disesse for Memory loss its helps prevent aging eye disease known as macular degeneration. Reduces the signs the of weak bones knwn as the osteoporsis disesase found mainly in a lot of woman.Helps sleep problems,depression, and even with aids. Some even use it for their gums to help gum infections. But if consume to much folic acid the side effects can cause abdominal cramps, diarrhea,skin rashes, sleep disoreders,confusion, irritability,nausea,stomach aches, upset changes in behavior,seizures, gas, and excitability.
The fourth ingrdient found in candy bar is Cornsyrup

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