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Heroism and "Dragonheart" Essay

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Heroism means doing extraordinary and brave deeds. The film “Dragonheart” is a great illustration of this concept. It is a story of an honourable knight, Bowen, and a kind-hearted dragon, Draco, leading a group of people to rebel against the evil King Einon. The nature of the heroism demonstrated by the two main heroes, Bowen and Draco, has similarities and differences. Both Bowen and Draco obey their respective codes of conduct and they value their noble ideals above everything else. Compared to Bowen, Draco is more likely to pull himself together after a setback in life. Both of them are helpful and loyal towards each other after they become allies.
First of all, the two heroes in the film are both strong followers of honourable rules of conduct. Bowen devotes himself to the knightly ideals, and Draco adheres to the dragon rules that require dragons to help people. As Einon’s mentor, Bowen’s goal is to train Einon so that Einon can be a greater king than the previous one. Draco’s dream is to change prince Einon’s evil heart into a nice one and to give the people a benevolent ruler, so Draco can get a place in the constellation “Draco”, the dragon heaven. The pursuit of moral principles and noble ideals are fully shown in the movie. For instance, when King Einon was young, Bowen taught Einon the “Old Code” for knights over and over again to help Einon sink the code deep inside his heart. When King Einon is enthroned, Bowen again reminds him of the “Old Code” to help him become a fair and just leader. After Einon turns out to be a ruthless ruler twelve years later, Bowen agrees to start an uprising against Einon in order to undo the wicked, and to observe the “Old Code”. As for Draco, he shows his obedience to the dragon rules b...

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... end Einon’s life, and although Bowen has not the heart to kill this close and faithful friend, Bowen obeys the order. The scenes above show that Bowen and Draco are always there for each other when one of them needs help, and they treat each other like true friends all the time.
In a word, there are both similarities and differences between the nature of heroism demonstrated by Draco and Bowen. They both strongly abide by a code of behaviour. When experiencing difficulties, Draco shows strong willingness to keep working to make his dreams come true. They are firm allies who care for each other through thick and thin. The movie “Dragonheart” promotes the idea of heroism to us through these two main characters, Bowen and Draco. If we have more people like Draco and Bowen, then there will be more felicity and happiness, and less oppression and torture in our world.

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