Heroin Use, Abuse And Addiction Essay

Heroin Use, Abuse And Addiction Essay

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Heroin use, abuse and addiction has been a major issue in our society. Considered a worldwide social problem, heroin abuse has been on the rise and as of late has reached epidemic proportions. Locally, the city of Erie and neighboring counties have also been affected by this wide-ranging drug trend. Heroin abuse brings violent crime, economically compulsive and systemic violent crime to a community, along with homelessness, as well as diseases, such as HIV and Hepatitis C. Another problem impossible for the compassionate and humanitarians to ignore is the amount of deaths and struggles those addicted to heroin are experiencing. Because of these chronic social issues that are not being resolved well enough through treatments such as Methadone and Narcotics Anonymous, alternative treatments should be explored and could be incorporated into treatment plans for those addicted to heroin.
For a person who is abusing heroin, two obstacles must be overcome for treatment to be a success. The short term effects of heroin treatment involve withdrawing from the drug. Because heroin creates such a strong physical dependence, an addict will often continue taking the drug in order to ward off the physical pain of withdrawal symptoms. The second obstruction is the ability to stay off the drug. “After detoxification, the long-term problem of drug dependence remains. The craving for heroin persists and the abuser most often has little choice but to return to a drug-orientated environment” (Levinthal 2014, pg 133).
Though maintenance through methadone is available, it is often as though the abusers trades one addiction for another, defeating the purpose of living life addiction free. In 2002 the FDA approved Buprenorphine, which is “...

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...rough alternative treatments.
The commonality between each of these alternative treatments is a connection between mind, body and spirit in addition to using the treatments to grow and maintain a strong sense of meaning, expression and self. By overcoming the first obstacle of withdrawal through Buprenorphine a person is then able to continue on with any one or a unification of treatments such as meditation and yoga for focus and spirituality as well as acupuncture for its mind body connection and group support along with art therapy and its ability to enhance self-understanding and the meaning of the world around them. All of these treatments bring a deeper sense of self, a merging of body and mind as well as a strong self concept, creating a positive, healthy drug free individual who can maintain a lifestyle free of the debilitating effects of heroin addiction.

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