Heroin Epidemic : A Dangerous Effect On People 's Health Essay

Heroin Epidemic : A Dangerous Effect On People 's Health Essay

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James Wilson talks about the “heroin epidemic”. The price and supply plays a role in the decline of heroin use. The veteran in Vietnam uses to consume heroin which leads to many deaths in 1970. Heroin has a dangerous effect on people’s health (Luper and Brown, p. 435). According to Wilson, cocaine a.k.a. crack is worse than heroin because of its side effects and it’s dangerous. He points out Douglas Besharow regarding the fetus and mother health to cocaine use. Besharow says that when a mother is pregnant and consume cocaine, it may damage the fetus’s brain and cause long-term consequences. If drugs were legalized, then the drug would be cheap, more addicts, and crimes (Luper and Brown, p. 437). As well as, if addicts relied on welfare and treatment for addiction, then it would increase crimes and higher cost of drugs in the free-market. He compares the effects of nicotine and cocaine (tobacco) is dangerous than nicotine, even those drugs are highly addictive. He talks about alcohol that is it no different from cocaine and heroin because it is addictive and lead to harmful consequences (Luper and Brown, p. 439). I agree where Wilson is coming from and I believe that illicit drugs should be legalized because it causes harm to individual’s health and would lead to higher crimes and more addicts.
Walter Block talks about the economics and law on drugs. The economics is a free market- trade and benefits; both must gain in the ex-ante sense. Blocks list three reasons why welfare from the third parties should not be enhanced; (Luper and Brown, p. 441). He presents the two laws: normative and positive. He points John Locke; a man can do whatever with his body; it’s his property and does not violate others. He argues that marij...

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...ease in crime, better health protection, and civil liberties. Steinbock argues the dangerous effect of drug use among individuals, society and families. She argues that the law spends billions of dollars on War of drugs. Like Wilson similar argument on heroin, Steinbock presents the “crack epidemic”, she says that drug abuse has caused problems for the society, families and individuals. (Luper and Brown, p. 450). She says that there are more babies addicts have raised from 1986 to 1988 and in child abuse and deaths. Like Block, Steinbock says that if was legalized, then the overcrowding in prisons and amount of spending would disappear. I believe that Steinbock has a better argument than the other two, because she makes a good point that drugs such as crack have affected the individuals, society, and families. As well as, it’s better to educate minors on drug use.

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