Essay about Heroin Addictions in Females

Essay about Heroin Addictions in Females

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To look at the heroin addiction in females, we will first have to look at where it all began. A study done by Deborah L Rhoads shows that, in the early 19th century, “Society considered it a wealth or status symbol for most middle and upper middle-class women to need to have numerous home visits from their male doctors who often prescribed opiate medicine for “female” complaints. A lady was expected to need of chemical assistance, and Laudanum, a liquid opiate preparation, was the female medication of the day.” There was an early outlook that everything wrong with females was a medical condition and men or their husbands always controlled the drug choices for his wife, daughter or mother. This might have set a path for the epidemic of heroin in women today. The heroin epidemic that has hit northern KY and southern Ohio in the last year has brought attention to an addiction that is spreading epically across social classes, and states and is destroying more women’s lives than any other drug.
Officer John Shaddle, Head of the DEA, for the Brown County sheriff’s office, in Georgetown, Ohio, Stated on November 11 “for everyone man that is arrested on charges related to Heroin, there are 4 females.” This is usually because one male or drug pusher will have several females under his control, supplying their addiction. Looking at the question of why and what makes a female turn to heroin over other drugs is quiet simple. Heroin is called the, “I do not care drug” on the streets. Heroin appears to take the guilt, fear, and stress of everyday life away, making the addict numb.
“In compiling information from national and local drug abuse data systems researchers’ Burt, Glynn, and Sowder (1979) indicated an unemployment rate of 74% for ma...

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