Heroin Addiction And Its Effect On Society Essay

Heroin Addiction And Its Effect On Society Essay

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When I was younger, I didn’t understand what heroin was or the severity of it. Once I got older, I started to realize how bad of an effect it had on relationships. Not only does heroin affect the user, but it also has a strong effect on the people around them. My brother at about the age of 17, became addicted to heroin. My first instinct was to turn against him because of how young I was at the time. The only thing I saw was how he had ruined the relationship between our family and himself. I was too young to understand that there was much more to an addiction than I was aware of. As I’ve grown up, I’ve started to realize the struggle of overcoming heroin addiction and the reason it is so hard for some people to give it up.  There’s a lot more that goes into any addiction than I realized. Not only is it hard to overcome, but there is much more mentally that drugs to do you that many people don’t realize. Something I learned about heroin addiction and relationships that I didn’t realize before was that it is more of a mental need than a physical need which is what a lot of people tend to think. Although there are many mental problems that come with heroin abuse, there are also many physical and emotional problems that can affect relationships as well not only with the people around them but also relationships with the user themselves.
    There are many mental deficits that come along with heroin abuse. As said in an article, there is impairment of cerebral structures that can lead to specific psychopathological and neuropsychological deficits in the cognitive and conative areas. In this article they found a correlation between the mentioned deficits and the duration of heroin abuse. The part of your brain that does all the cogni...

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...er life. He went through rehab and finally started to get his life together. The difference between my brother 5 years ago and my brother now is significantly different. When my brother and I were really young we were very close and did everything together. Once he started using, I felt as though my brother had been taken away from me and turned into something horrible. After all those years he is finally back to the person he was before he started using. I didn’t realize how much an addiction affected a person physically, emotionally but mostly mentally and how all those factors played a big role in the relationships with the people around them and how easy a drug addiction can ruin them. In conclusion, it’s important to try and help the user instead of automatically turning against them the way I did. Realize that there are a lot more things that go into it and try

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