Heroin : A Threat Of Society Essay

Heroin : A Threat Of Society Essay

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Heroin: A Threat to Society
One Last Fix
It is eight a.m. and she has been up for hours at this point. The diarrhea is uncontrollable and her stomach is killing her. She needs to vomit again. Her bed is covered in sweat. Her body feels hot, but she is freezing cold. Her hands are shaking. Her legs are restless and her entire body aches as if she had been run over by a semi. She feels weak, both physically and mentally. Tears stream down her face because she hates herself. Addiction is the reason her mother has custody of her daughter, Abby. Most of her family and friends disown her. This drug has taken over her life. At this point, she is debating if everyone, including herself, would benefit from her suicide. Jenny was dope sick, suffering from heroin withdrawal. The last time she had shot up was about two days ago. It is Abby’s ninth birthday and her party is scheduled for two p.m. at the local skating rink. Although Jenny wants to quit using and take her life back, there is no way she can function at the party without dope. She needs a twenty cap at least. She glances at her last twenty dollars lying on the dresser and tells herself, “just one last fix and I am done for good”. That statement proved to be true. Jenny’s mother and Abby arrived at Jenny’s apartment to pick her up and made a shocking discovery. Jenny was found dead in her bathroom from a heroin overdose. Her body was pale and cold. The needle was still dangling from her arm. Abby was devastated. The image of her mother’s cold, lifeless body lying on the bathroom floor is one that she will never be able to shake. Abby’s birthday will always be a reminder of the day her mother passed. Jenny’s story is the reality of heroin addiction, and a reminder for this country ...

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...n is now considered one of the most dangerous, addictive drugs in the country. The number of people using heroin, and the rate at which they are dying, have increased to all-time highs. Heroin presents serious health risks such as hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, and most notably death (National Institute on Drug Abuse, 2014, para 10). Furthermore, heroin addicts put their families in financial binds, create psychological issues for their spouse and children, and cause devastation if they die as a result of heroin. Finally, the cost of heroin regarding productivity loss, as well as crime, medical, and welfare costs is detrimental to the economy. Above all, heroin is a deadly drug that presents a various set of problems to a multitude of people across the country. If there is not a better effort to control this issue, it will continue to destroy more lives than it already has.

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