The Heroes Of The Medieval Ages Essay examples

The Heroes Of The Medieval Ages Essay examples

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The word “Heroism” is defined as being brave, great, and courageous. In the quote from James E. Faust, he states that “In the pain, the agony, and the heroic endeavors of life, we pass through a refiner 's fire, and the unimportant in our lives can melt away like dross and make our faith bright, intact, and strong.” One of the greatest heroes of the European Medieval Ages was Beowulf. Beowulf was a strong, great, and a good warrior. He fought to destroy evil, and restore good. I try being like Beowulf in my life, because I love his goodness and what he stands for. Nowadays, there are so many of us that strive and struggle to become the best and greatest in our life. But we wonder, how do we achieve this heroism? Do we have to do something great and powerful like Beowulf?
One of my favorite heroes of the Medieval Ages is Beowulf. He was a hero because he did many good, great, and even epic things in this lifetime. One of the greatest things he did in his lifetime was when he traveled from the land of Geats to Denmark to help King Hrothgar with the evil enemy. At that time, King Hrothgar was distressed with a monster named Grendel, who invaded his hall at night, killing many of his subjects. During Beowulf 's stay at the mead hall of King Hrothgar, he encounters the monster Grendel who is invading the King 's hall at night and kills it. This is very significant, because Beowulf couldn 't use any weapons in killing this monster, because the monster could put a spell on the weapons so that they wouldn 't harm him. Beowulf fought with the monster unarmed. Grendel astonished by how strong Beowulf was, struggled to escape, before something bad happened to him, but it was too late. Beowulf grabbed the Grendel 's arm and tore it ...

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..., kindness, compassion for others, turning a sad face into a smiley face, and most of all, those who do something great and expect nothing in return.
Overall, I think a person can be a hero both ways. Either if it 's fighting for a just cause in battle or performing good works for others. Beowulf was strong and great, killed three dragons, became King, and later sacrificed his life for his people. Beowulf fought for what 's right, no matter what kind of risk was involved. To be a hero in the modern world, we must show and do acts of good and kindness, love others, and have courage. We must also overcome our struggles and challenges in life, and try to be a better person than before. Everyone is capable of becoming a hero, it doesn 't only have to be the brave and fearless warrior, but an ordinary person in the modern world showing good works and helping others.

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