The Heroes Of The Epic Hero Essay

The Heroes Of The Epic Hero Essay

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We all have heroes; in fact without them we would simply be lost. It is what makes a hero that guides us in our lives, but there are many deceptions of heroes. The best ways to describe them by the view of the common peoples is, “To believe in the heroic makes heroes.” (Benjamin Disraeli)Many people believed in the hero Beowulf. The epic poem of Beowulf has travelled through centuries to grace the hearts of those who believe themselves to be virtuous. It is the guide to how a hero should be. Beowulf is the ultimate leader. He slays all sorts of monsters and he does out of the good of his heart, mostly. He did not have to travel to another country and take care of other’s problems but he did. Many have speculated as to why he would do such a thing. If you look at the poem itself you will find that there could be many explanations to the motives of the epic hero himself. There are three theories that can help define Beowulf’s motivations: his duty, he did it for glory, and for monetary gain.
Beowulf’s first motivation was his duty, the biggest factor as to why Beowulf decided to rid the world of the three monstrosities. Grendel had become somewhat of a national threat to everyone. If he was so powerful he could have wiped out everybody in one village. After he did that then he would have to find his next source of food and pretty soon he could very well have landed on Beowulf’s lands. It seems that scenario is highly unlikely, but it was the though process of Beowulf people. They knew that this monster had caused many deaths and when death is on the horizon people tend to panic and begin sacrifice anyone to save themselves. Because of this spreading panic Beowulf took it as his duty to get rid of the beast himself. So he and a small...

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...had an abundance of riches in her nasty cave, including the sword that led to her gruesome demise. Let’s not forget the prize that had been lying in the golden dragon’s lair. “I want to examine that ancient gold,” he says, “gaze my fill/on those garnered jewels; my going will be easier/for having seen the treasure…” Although Beowulf was considered and amazing hero, he was human too and the enticing view of riches was not lost on him.
There are three theories that can help define Beowulf’s motivations: his duty, he did it for glory, and for monetary gain. Beowulf’s first motivation was his duty, the biggest factor as to why Beowulf decided to rid the world of the three monstrosities. Beowulf’s next motive, glory, was not said in so many words, but it was implied as his story is told in an epic poem. The last motivation of Beowulf was the prospect of his monetary gain.

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