The Heroes And Saviors Of The World Essay

The Heroes And Saviors Of The World Essay

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Captain America, Batman, Thor, Iron Man, and a teacher, to some people these names all bring to mind the same word—hero. However, one must be careful when comparing teachers to heroes, especially when considering how the media portrays teachers. While media can give off the impression that teachers are the heroes and saviors of the world, as Ayers says in chapter 1 of the book To Teach: the journey, in comics, a teacher’s job is not to save a child, but to teach them.

When people watch movies such as The Ron Clark Story, they form an image in their head of a teacher willing to do anything and everything for his/her students. In this movie the viewers witness numerous cases of how much effort Mr. Clark puts into the education of his students. For example, when his classroom has troubles with initiative to learn, he creates a game—for every 15 seconds the class listens to the lesson in silence, Mr. Clark will drink a carton of chocolate milk. Despite almost vomiting from the chocolate milk, this game both entertained the students and resulted in them learning the information being taught.

Another example is Mr. Clark’s determination to know all the students individually. This is shown at the beginning of the film when Mr. Clark went around to all the students’ homes to meet the students and their parents. While many teachers enjoy meeting their students and parents before class starts, not many teachers are able and willing to run from home to home in order to achieve this. When the film shows Mr. Clark going to each student’s home, it puts the image into the viewers’ heads that every teacher should go from house to house to visit students. These home visits are not possible for most teachers, and that is why a great majo...

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...s shown when his class disrespects him, and even though he has told his students that he is their friend, when they were not listening to him Mr. Clark laid down the law and told them there would be punishments if the acting out didn’t stop. This is one of the most realistic events I noticed in the movie, because while many teachers wish to be on friendly terms with their students, most teachers recognize that they are a teacher first.

After watching The Ron Clark Story and reading Moore, Rickets, and Ayers chapter 1, it is obvious that their idea of the hero teacher is greatly exaggerated in the media. This overstated idea that teachers will do whatever it takes to help their students with any problem they have can give viewers of films unrealistic expectations in the education system and leaving them disappointed when teachers don’t live up to those expectations.

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