Essay on The Hero 's Journey, The Initiation Or Road Of Trials

Essay on The Hero 's Journey, The Initiation Or Road Of Trials

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After the departure of the hero 's journey, the initiation or road of trials occurs. This is when the hero transitions from an ordinary person to a heroic stature. The first part of the initiation is the brother battle. This battle occurs when the hero fights with a person who is close to them or an actual brother. One example of a brother battle in the book is when Janie asked Logan what he would do if she were to run away with someone, aka Joe. Another example is when Janie fought with Joe before he died. The feelings that she had contained throughout their marriage ended up being exposed in this fight and in turn helped represent this battle as a stepping stone in her journey to becoming an independent person. In addition to the brother battle, the hero experiences a dragon battle. One example of this battle is when Janie constantly battles with the expectations that society holds for women. This occurs when her grandmother forces her to marry Logan Killicks due to women being seen as a person who is beneath men. Another example of the expectations is when people expect Tea Cake to take advantage of Janie. In addition, the encounter with the rabid dog represents a this confrontation due to the dog threatening Janie 's life. Furthermore, when Janie had to kill Tea Cake in result to his illness she experienced a literal battle as well as an inner battle within herself. The struggle with Tea Cake and her desire to want him to continue living can be observed in the moments after she killed him. The despair from the loss of Tea Cake is established in this quote,
No hour is ever eternity, but it has its right to weep. Janie held his head tightly to her breast and wept and thanked him wordlessly for giving her the chance for loving...

... middle of paper ...

...e she feels that he is alive in her memories and in her heart. Also, she gains the ability to live on her own, feel satisfied with herself, be indifferent with the opinions of others and in turn found her self-identity.
The road to self discovery that Janie had throughout her hero 's journey can be seen in the various steps. Janie 's character helps represent Zora in many ways through both her experiences and her personality. The desire to branch away from societal norms and expectations in Janie can also be seen in Zora due to Zora being a lively and sociable person. In addition, the failed marriages that Janie experienced also represent Hurston since she herself also had failed marriages. Therefore, throughout the hero 's journey of Janie and the development of her personality as well as individualism, the autobiographical style of Zora 's writing was exhibited.

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