The Hero 's Journey By Atticus Finch Essay examples

The Hero 's Journey By Atticus Finch Essay examples

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In the Writers Journey, the Hero’s Journey is emphasized heavily throughout the book. Overall, the Hero’s Journey allows you to take a piece of literature and break down the steps of the main character or protagonist. The character starts off living an ordinary life until they receive a call to an adventure that disturbs what they consider normal. You then see the trials and tribulations they go through such as the refusal of call, thresholds, determining friend or foe, so and so forth until they’ve successfully handled the ordeal. In my opinion, Atticus Finch from the book To Kill a Mockingbird is an ideal character to use when breaking down the Hero’s Journey. The way he handles defending an African American man in the 1930’s while maintaining his integrity for not only himself but his town and his family is a realistic approach towards the Hero’s Journey that works exceptionally well.
Atticus Finch lives a fairly normal life as a lawyer in Maycomb, Alabama with his two children Jem and Scout and their helper Calpurnia. Atticus is perceived as the embodiment of goodness. His strengths far outweigh any weakness that he may have. He’s equally patient, hardworking, honest, intelligent, and fair. He applies all of those qualities to his home and work life which is why he’s respected by virtually everyone in town.
Atticus’ normal life takes a turn when he’s asked to defend Tom Robinson, a black man accused of raping a white women. At this point, Atticus receives his call to adventure and has to determine whether to take the case or not. In the beginning, Atticus realizes the attention that this case will bring and what it’ll mean for his family. He knows that it will expose his children to the cruelties of society that he’s tried to...

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... and understand how the majority of people, despite how they feel, would look the other way instead of believing there was even a glimmer of truth to Tom Robinsons story. It would take a person of good moral standing, like Atticus, to take on a challenge of this nature. By doing so, he went on the hero’s journey. Atticus, a seemingly average man, was tested to his limits. His morals were pushed to the limit, his community turned against him, he had to face the loss of the trial, the death of Tom Robinson, and the fact that his children’s life were in peril as a consequence of his actions. By taking the case, he took his whole family on a journey. And in the end, Atticus came out an even better man. His children developed a newfound understanding towards not only Atticus but how the world works. In return, Atticus was able to see how his actions affected his children.

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