Essay on The Hero : Nat Turner

Essay on The Hero : Nat Turner

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A person who takes charge takes on huge responsibilities. Taking charge is stepping outside the boundaries of ordinary. Nat Turner could certainly be looked at as a hero of his time and he definitely took charge of what he believed in to make change. When people think of heroes they normally assume that the person has super powers and doing “inhumane” things. Right away people refer heroes to cartoons and movies. A hero is simply someone who makes sacrifices to help others and they’re highly respected, a world changer. There are different types of heroes all over the world. A hero is Nat Turner.
Nat Turner is a very independent strong person who fought for what he believed in to change the world for slaves and African Americans. According to (google source) Turner was born into slavery on October 2nd 1800, in Southampton Country, Virginia. Tuner wasn’t an ordinary slave he was able to learn to read, write and have a religion. Even with these advantages his education was limited, but had natural intelligence. (SLAVE INSURRECTION) He was big on religion he would always spend his time reading the bible. This was very rare that slaves got to do any of the three so he was very lucky. As Turner began to grow up and become wiser people could tell he was something special. He was able to speak intelligently about things that happened before his time. He stated the lord showed him things that had happened before his birth. (black power) His mother was a part of this life and so was his grandmother, they always told him he was “intended for some great purpose.” (GOOGLE SORCE) His father wasn’t around when Turner was born so he never got a chance to meet him he only was told stories. Eventrually Turner followed the stories of this fathers ...

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...31 Tuner was captured. (google) Turner was allowed to go to court and have a trail, which ended November 11, 1831. He pled not guilty because the believed he was called by God. (google) Turner was found guilty and was hung, and the same went got the ones that where involved.(packet)
Even though Turners rebellion seemed as if it had failed at the time, within time he was looked at as a hero for African Americans because he created change. Right after the rebellion slave laws became harsh. (google) But as the laws became harsh abolitionist grew more motivated. Tuner became a big part of history and people valued everything he did. He was a villain to the white man and a hero to the Negros because they finally got someone to stand up for their rights even though it was done a bloody way. Within time his attempts helped African Americans gain citizenship and rights.

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