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Literature offers readers a variety of characters. In “Hero Journey” books, the protagonist is placed on a road that will take them on a challenging adventure that brings out their courage and willingness to defend others. However, to be able to be called a hero, one must go through change. In particular, the character or protagonist goes through life changes that challenge their existing perspective on life. They begin to look at the world they used to live in differently, because the world they used to live is no longer exist. The first steps in the journey are: accepting the call, crossing the threshold, and making allies. These three beginning steps will allow a hero to progress in their passage to become a hero. This is just how Clarissa Fray begins her journey in Cassandra Clare’s novel City of Bones: Mortal Instruments. In the beginning, Clarissa learns about whom she really is and the truth about her mother. Then she learns that the world she lives in is not as normal as she thought it to be. As her adventure continues, she becomes allies with a mundane, a Shadow hunter and a werewolf to find her mother and protect the world.

Maureen Murdock, an expert, who has written on the heroine’s journey, explains that for heroine’s the “first part of a journey is the separation from the feminine”. Clarissa’s first step on her heroic journey, or her “call to adventure,” was literally a frantic call from her mother. “A loud buzzing noise came from the phone. Clary's mother's voice cut through the static:

‘Just promise me you won't come home. Go to Simon's and call Luke—tell him that he's found

me—‘ Her words were drowned out by a heavy crash like splintering wood.” (Clare 21).

Clarissa believes that a robbery is ta...

... middle of paper ...

... though it was a good thing. He wanted to get the cup and convert everyone to be a shadowhunter even though he knew many humans could not take the transformation especially kids but he did not care. He did not care about the casualties because he had one goal and one goal only and that was to make the shadowhunter world expand and be dominant.

In the end Clary finds out where Valentine is and she knows that her mom and Jace would not be too far from him. She and her moms friend Luke go to an old warehouse where Valentine and his cult are. Jace is dressed in new clothes and seems to be not harmed but well taken cared for, while her mother,Jocelyn, lay in a coma and bound to the bed “for her own protection” as Valentine would say. The story ends with Valentine going through a portal with the mortal cup and everything going back to the way it once had been.

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