Essay on Hermes: The God of All Communication

Essay on Hermes: The God of All Communication

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Mythology was something that every Grecian incorporated into their everyday life. Myths were told to everyone it was said to be a type of social control. A myth could be described as a common day fable to inspire, teach lessons, and give faith to every Greek that needed something to believe in. Greek mythology became a type of religion to the polytheistic Greeks. They had a god for every aspect of life, love, weather, music, and communication. Greek mythology was “devoted to the deeds of divinities and heroes in the already constituted world” (Buxton 44). Divinities could be referred to as the Gods and heroes, who were often somewhat mortal. The gods were said to live on Mt. Olympus, which can be referred to as a type of heaven. Mortals lived among heroes, who were often of godly decent, on earth, and the dead resided in the underworld with the God Hades. With three different worlds under the all powerful Zeus it was very important for him to have a quick and efficient form of communication between the worlds, this lead to the birth of the messenger god, the son of Zeus, Hermes. It is argumentatively true that Hermes, the winged messenger influenced methods of medieval communication through messengers, faster methods of travel and efficient winged messengers.
The messenger of Zeus had a very exciting life. He was said to be one of the most popular gods and became a household name for the Greeks. He was known for being, quick witted, swift, and a talented gymnast. In fact his statue is in every gymnasium throughout Greece and is also in the entrance of the stadium in Olympia. Hermes was the bringer of fertility to flocks, he was a highly intelligent god known for his cunningness and is also referred to as the lord of thieves but...

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...eding of suitable birds, the homing pigeon is developed.” (Mostert 57) . Hermes can clearly be given credit for the invention of the pigeon post due to inspiration of his winged sandals that made his the most efficient messenger in Greek mythology. It is said that Hermes was depicted, “... beardless youth wearing a winged cap and sandals, symbols of his speed” (Cavendish 670).

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