Herman Melville 's ' Bartleby ' Making It Even More Clear Essay

Herman Melville 's ' Bartleby ' Making It Even More Clear Essay

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Sometimes when we read a story it doesn’t end in the way that we like or expect it to. Because of this we are left with the oh so common “cliffhanger” wonder what happened to a character or how the story goes on. This can be very frustrating but is probably the best way for an author to leave things. Sometimes, even though we don’t know what is happening, it is the best thing for the story. The not knowing what happened conclusion leaves the reader to think about what they believe happened and also if there is a sequel it ensures the reader will buy the next part of the tale. A great example, of how leaving the story with no conclusion, is shown in Herman Melville’s “Bartleby” making it even more clear that a story without a conclusion is the best choice for author and reader.
Now, making the claim that leaving a story without a conclusion is a big deal and one that could be highly debatable in the reader’s community. Still it stands though that many readers believe not only that a story without a conclusion is the most entertaining but also has other advantages. One of those advantages are the development of critical thinking skills and learning how to infer what will happen because of the missing end of a story. Because of this colleges might even prefer for their students to be introduced to books and stories with no conclusion because it encourages critical thinking which is seemingly a large goal of schools now-a-days. The reason though that critical thinking is encouraged is stated by Lydia Dobyns saying that it “focusing on applying knowledge to prepare students for college and career” which is something that will benefit students even after they leave their two or four year institute. Another thing that a story with no ...

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...ing on the reader’s curiosity is a great example of how to write a story without a conclusion.
So, seeing how leaving a story without a conclusion can actually be beneficial to the reader as well as the author it is most likely a better option to write the story that way. Along with that we can also see that writing a story without a conclusion is advantageous to the author in the fact that he will make more money and also become more popular making his stories something that we can dive into and enjoy. Along with just the fact of more money for the author we can see in Bartleby that leaving the story without a conclusion really promotes discussion and leaves the reader with a burning desire to read the next story to find out what was wrong with poor Bartleby. So all around, even though it is debatable, leaving a story without a conclusion is arguably the best choice.

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