Herbalife and The Struggle to Solve Permananet Weight Loss Overnight Essay

Herbalife and The Struggle to Solve Permananet Weight Loss Overnight Essay

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Many Americans think diets should work overnight to solve their weight problems. They struggle with the challenges they face of permanent weight loss. The billions that we spend on diets every year is a hefty amount. That money is spent towards a dream goal of weight loss. For those of us that want to fit into our skinny jeans, we need a diet plant that will work with our lifestyle so we can stay on the path of health and weight loss. Herbalife is a global nutrition company that sells nutritional supplements and weight management products that support a healthy lifestyle. For 34 years, Herbalife has been offering a safe, simple and effective weight management program that encompasses personal nutrition, education and product training. Herbalife products are sold through independent distributors in over 90 countries. (Herbalife)(businessweek.com)
Herbalife operates on a Direct Selling/MLM referral sales model. The majority of independent distributors of Herbalife purchase the product for personal use and consumption. The distributors receive financial compensation and product discounts. Some distributors purchase the products solely for personal use while other sell outright for commissions and deeper discount percentages.
Herbalife’s direct selling concept is a step aside from a referral rewards program. The only way to purchase Herbalife products is to buy them from an independent distributor. You cannot order direct from Herbalife’s website or in a retail outlet. Independent distributors become independent contractors for Herbalife and they try to recruit friends, family members and prospects to purchase product from them and/or become independent distributors themselves. The result is a $30 billion indu...

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...ximately 4 percent of Herbalife’s independent distributors joined the company to earn a fulltime income and the vast majority joined for the primary purpose of buying product at a discount. (Herbalife)
Action Plan
Herbalife needs to secure a marketing/public relations consultant to assist them in preparing some effective marketing strategies. They have a great product that works for them. They have members that are only there to receive discounts. They need a strategy in place that can move the company to even higher sales. Most people have no clue what Herbalife is in the diet/nutritional supplement industry and even a higher number have no idea what the Casa Herbalife Program is, or what Herbalife Family Foundation does to help children’s lives. If a more precise marketing campaign was put into place this company would see record double digit increases.

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