Herbal Remedies : Health And Wellness Therapies Essay

Herbal Remedies : Health And Wellness Therapies Essay

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You live life how it is, you wake up go to work or school. You eat food and drink water. Then once you touch a doorknob to open the door, but you don’t know that the door knob was previously touched by a person who coughed into his hands. You get sick with a minor flu and a fever, so what is next? Do you go to your doctor knowing she can only see you in like two weeks? She is really busy being a professional in medicine and health. Do you go to the hospital, but is your 5 day flu really an emergency? Or do you just go to the closest CVS and buy Tylenol? Well, 30 percent of adults use Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM). CAM is a term describing health and wellness therapies. These typical therapies are not part of the Conventional Western Medicine. Complementary is usually used along with prescribed treatments and Alternative only alone to help heal faster and stay much healthier. Does this really help and is it something reliable? How safe is it? Why use it? Based on the research it is, maybe not all but most. It helps and it is safer than prescribed Western Medicine, it helps effectively and reduces symptoms. A lot of herbal medicine is hard to find but it is sometimes more affordable than modern medicine. There is a lot of research done about it. “The similarities and the differences between herbal ingredients and western drugs were deeply explored” ( Peng 10). There is still more to be explored about CAM, a lot of the effects of CAM are not well known. Therefore doctors hesitate to use it and tell their patients about it. The science is making its progress and more research is being done still.
Also based on the research a lot of people use it and for various reasons. “The most comprehensive report ev...

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... cost of modern medicines and non-availability of doctors in rural areas, difficulties arise in accessing modern healthcare ” (Shankar 1). It might be hard to find and get herbal medicine and it depends on where you live. Different plants grow in different places and the distribution of herbs is sometimes not so great depending on which herb you need. Most western medicine is well known and can be more accessible but not better. Better things are hard to find. “Nevertheless, herbal medicines for asthma hold out a cheerful prospect, which will eventually help to reduce the morbidity and mortality and increase the control levels of asthma worldwide” (Fang 1). The medicine helps, safe to use and more natural and non toxic reducing the symptoms and stress. Maybe it might be a struggle to take the time and do some therapies but its worth it, and healing always needs time.

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