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Vrino Ltd was founded in 1991, with its main business activities being the cultivation, processing, packaging and distribution of aromatic plants, herbs and spices. Throughout these years, the company has tremendously expanded, not only within the Greek borders, but also across the whole world (exports in the USA, Australia, China, Germany, Canada are specific examples). The company has long been an authorized supplier of Delhaize Group as well as Spar Group and has acquired all the required certifications of standardized procedures and quality (ISO 9001:2008 and 22000:2005 stand as the most important). Vrino employs 5 people in its packaging and distribution center in the Athens’ branch and up to 20 people during the harvesting period in its central plant in Volos, Magnesia. The main products of the company are: mountain tea, chamomile, oregano, sage, pennyroyal mint and a wide variety of spices and herbs, domestic or imported from all over the world.
The product
History and etymology
Sideritis (also known as ironwort, mountain tea and shepherd's tea) is a genus of flowering plants which are widely used as herbal medicine. These plants are found in abundance in Mediterranean regions, the Balkans, the Iberian Peninsula and Macaronesia, but can also be found in Central Europe and temperate Asia. In Greek, "Sideritis" can be translated as "he who is or has the iron" and has its origin in the ancient years, when Greeks started using it as medicine for battle traumas and wounds caused from iron weapons.

Uses and Benefits
Mountain tea is very popular in Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and Macedonia. It is used as a herb either for the preparation of tisanes, or for its aromatic properties in local cuisines. The tisane is commonly prepar...

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...d strengthening of the EEA Mechanisms should bring more interaction between Greece and Norway, especially when it comes to the business sector.
Sectors of particular interest to Norwegian exporters are:
• Seafood
• Environmental Technology
• Alternative Energy
• Shipping
• Ship-Building.
There has been a long shipping tradition between Greece and Norway and ships are sold and bought between the two countries frequently, with catamarans and other vessels being sold to Greek buyers.

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