Henry Ford: An American Icon Essay

Henry Ford: An American Icon Essay

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Henry Ford: An American Icon

It takes a very brave person to take a leader role and make the world a better place. Ford treated each and every one of his workers with respect. In return, the workers gave Ford all they had and one-hundred percent on anything and everything they did. Henry Ford did not just step up and make himself look good, he helped the country and even the entire world by chasing his dreams. Even from a young age, he set out to do something great, and thats what he did. Henry Ford was a man with a dream, without his determination and willpower, the automotive industry wouldn't be where it is today.

It takes a very brave and courageous person to step up and take a leadership role, and also make the world a better place. Through trial and error, Ford set a standard for the industry. Henry created the first automobile also know as a horseless carriage.(Bellis) From a young age, he set out to do something great. This is demonstrated by his many accomplishments.

Henry Ford was born on July 30,1863 in Greenfield Township, Michigan. Henry’s nationality is American and his religion is Episcopalian. His father was William Ford and Henry's mother was Mary Litogot Ford. Henry got his education from the Detroit Business institute. Ford moved on and married Clara Ala Bryant. Henry and Clara took the biggest step in their relationship and proceeded to have a kid, they went on to have Edsel Ford. Henry and Edsel had a wonderful life together but unfortunately, after a very successful life and career, both of the two died in 1947. (People and Discoveries)
The road to making the first automobile wasn't as easy as it sounds, at that time technology wasn't as far as advanced neither was tools or equipment. Since Henry was a ...

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...ven several times before you get what you want. I also learned to keep working hard to achieve your dreams. When people look at Ford they think of all the success they've had for nearly a century, but what most people don't realize is the work it took to get it where it is today. All of that falls in the hands of Henry Ford. That is the reason he is an american icon.

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