Essay on Henry David Thoreau And His Views On How The Government Should Be Ran

Essay on Henry David Thoreau And His Views On How The Government Should Be Ran

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Henry David Thoreau, an American author, poet, philosopher and abolitionist who dedicated his life studying and preaching his philosophical and naturalist writings. Through this experience Thoreau wrote about his life experiences and his views on how the government should be ran.
In 1817 Henry David Thoreau was born in Concord Massachusetts. While living with his family Thoreau drove his mother 's cow to the pastures where he became interested in certain aspects of nature and of certain delights of solitude. Later in life Thoreau studied at Harvard University, where he mastered in Greek and Latin languages. During the 1840’s Thoreau gained a friendship and mentor, whose name is Ralph Waldo Emerson who is also a poet. While working with Emerson he became exposed to transcendentalism which is the school of thought that emphasized the importance of empirical thinking and of spiritual matters of the world. This was encouraged by scientific inquiry and observation. Additionally, Thoreau wrote about his personal thoughts on civil disobedience and how he centered his life around this concept.
In 1845, Thoreau built a small house for only himself on Walden Pond. This was property that Emerson owned and allowed him to build and live on. Thoreau wanted to move somewhere where he could make life simpler and focus on his writings. He felt that need to be away from civilization and gain a better understanding of society itself. He spent more than two years in this house where he eventually wrote his book Walden. The reaction to his book Walden was great and people wanted to the know meaning behind the book. This is when Thoreau wrote an essay called Civil Disobedience which explains our government and purpose to the people. Additionally, Tho...

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...ersalized. Another question he asks is does the mean it cannot pertain to a particular persons actions and he says no. Thoreau knew not everyone would follow his individualized values, but he states it was his duty to set the standard for himself.
Thoreau embodies every American in one way or another. Thoreau embodies every American in one way or another. It is an American right to speak against the government written in America’s own constitution. It is not even considered disobedience to not say the “Pledge of Allegiance”–it is a right. Americans find ways to protest and become the “captain of their own ship”–think of the 2016 primaries, one would observe Bernie supporters and Trump supporters becoming violent at rallies. In this way, Thoreau is an individual, but largely the conscience of valuing morals in a political way. The government is a dangerous entity.

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