Essay Henrik Ibsen's Influence on the World of Literature

Essay Henrik Ibsen's Influence on the World of Literature

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Henrik Ibsen
Every time we go to the movies, read a book, or go see a play we are extending our undivided attention away from our everyday responsibilities and duties, to allow ourselves to get lost. Granting our minds the freedom to escape everyday normality or in some instances not so normal ways of life. We do this to enjoy ourselves and indulge in something bigger. Every word spoken, every notion and impression we are left with, was composed by someone with an idea. These people are called dramatist, scenarist, writers, or in this case more particularly a playwright. A playwright; is someone who writes for the theatre. Many have existed, but what differentiates them? The good playwrights, whom have created works many have taken pleasure in and will continue to do so. Then they’re the great ones whose compositions have been turned into movies, book and so on. Their names are written in history books with recognizable achievements, and their work will be followed long after they’ve departed. One playwright in particular has been noted to have had an impact on political and societal issues, just as heavily as literature.
This man was the 19th-century Norwegian playwright and theatre director Henrik Ibsen. Ibsen is known to be somewhat of the starting point for realism and modern drama in the world of theatre. He was constantly turning his eye towards issues that were far ahead of his time. His works questioned the confines of marriage in A Doll’s House and Hedda Gabler, or the hypocrisy or politics in An Enemy of the People. Ibsen was constantly being thrown bashes of criticism for his opinions and representation through characters. He became the center of dramatic controversy across Europe. Whether Ibsen was being plagued or ...

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Published by: University of Northern Iowa

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