Henriett A Life Of The Science Community, And Mankind Essays

Henriett A Life Of The Science Community, And Mankind Essays

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Henrietta was a woman who inevitably, changed the life of the science community, and mankind. Loretta Pleasant, better known as Henrietta Lacks, as described, as a seemingly pretty, fearless-looking young woman with light brown skin. Henrietta was August 1, 1920, one of ten children, and daughter to Eliza Lacks Pleasant and Johnny Pleasant. Eliza had passed giving birth to her tenth child leaving Johnny Pleasant to be a widower, and unable to take care of all ten children alone. Johnny’s solution was to distribute the children amongst relatives; and Henrietta was given to live with her grandfather Tommy Lacks, in Clover, Virginia. This is where she met her second cousin David Lacks, or Day, who she would later come to marry and have five children with. Before she truly knew that she had cervical cancer, Henrietta felt as if there was a knot in her womb. It was thought to be her fifth child, Joseph, but Henrietta thought otherwise. She eventually seeked out a doctor at John Hopkins, to only find out that she had a malignant tumor in her cervix. Howard Jones, her doctor, took a biopsy and sent it to the lab for testing. Henrietta had signed a legal binding document that said, she gives her consent for the doctors of John Hopkins to perform any procedures necessary. At this time the most effective way to treat cancerous tumors, was to utilize radium, although prior to inserting the radium tubes, Dr. George Gey extracted some of Henrietta’s healthy tissues and the tissue from the tumor. This led to the development of the first immortal cell line. Sadly, Henrietta died on October 4, 1951, but she still lives on today through her legacy.
Her cells, taken from a cervical-cancer biopsy, became the first immortal human cell line—...

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...n. Believing that it is really Henrietta that should receive the compensation, but she unable to do so, there should be a decreased amount distributed to the immediate family. The reactions of the Lacks’ were of similarity to my own. The Lacks ' were still confused over the cells, but they did understand that people had made a lot of money selling them. While her brothers became obsessed with getting their fair share of HeLa proceeds, Deborah tried to learn more about her mother. I feel that through each purchase of HeLa cells, ten percent of each purchase should be distributed amongst the entire family. The family has hit rough patches in their life, one being the loss of Henrietta, but they have gotten through it without the necessity of wealth. The viable amount of ten percent to be evenly spread between the family just to make life a little bit more sustainable.

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