Essay about Hemispatial Neglect Research Review

Essay about Hemispatial Neglect Research Review

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1. Introduction:
Hemispatial neglect refers to when brain damage results with problems in motor and sensory skills1-3. When a person has hemispatial neglect, he or she cannot “orient to, respond to, or detect stimuli” appearing on the opposite of the brain injury or wound1-3. Patients suffering from stroke also commonly develop hemispatial neglect as a result. About seventy five percent of patients with acute stroke face with various symptoms of hemispatial neglect especially after having a right hemisphere stroke5. Hemispatial neglect is found in thirty percents of patients faced with acute stroke and about two percent of patients face with chronic hemispatial neglect2.
2. Behavioral Inattention Test (BIT)
Patients take the behavioral inattention test to understand severity of their hemispatial neglect 1-2, 4. It compromises of two subtests (BIT C and BIT B). Examples of activities in the BIT C test (conventional BIT) are line crossing, letter cancellation, figure and shape copying, etc2. BIT B is the behavorial subtest portion of the BIT4.
3. Hemispatial Neglect and Stroke
Patients commonly suffer from hemispatial neglect after stroke. However, it can also be an indicator for acute nondominant hemisphere ischemic stroke6. Hillis, Wityk, Barker et al found that the national institute of health stroke survey (NIHSS) may not be a good indicator for acute nondominant hemisphere ischemic stroke. They thought that hemispatial neglect may be a better indicator for this type of stroke. As a result they conducted two studies to measure the accuracy of the NIHSS for stroke and to measure the accuracy of hemispatial neglect for stroke. The first study they did measured the accuracy of NIHSS to the stroke. They gave patients MRI ...

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... between stroke and NIHSS score and the cognitive test. For this study, adults with acute, ischemic, supratentorial stroke that weren’t allergic to gadolinium, didn’t have an altered level of consciousness, were proficient in English, didn’t have a hemorrhage, and who gave their consent to the experiment were used in the study. These patients were then given both aphasia test and neglect test. The battery was scored by total errors divide by total numbers. They were also given MRI. The second study measures correlation between stroke and hemispatial neglect. Participants in this study were administered the NIHSS test, MRI, and a test for hemispatial neglect at day one. The study showed that the NIHSS was not a good indicator for stroke like Hillis, Wityk, Barker et al first thought. It also confirmed their beliefs that hemispatial neglect may be a better indicator.

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