Essay on Hemingway's Heartbreak

Essay on Hemingway's Heartbreak

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Hemingway's personal love experiences with Agnes Von Kurowsky created a huge impact on the way in which he shaped the character of Catherine Bentley in A Farwell to Arms. Although Agnes had different views on their relationship than Hemingway, he was able to portray Agnes’s personality and create a love story that he wished he’d had with Agnes. Earnest Hemingway surely had not forgotten about Agnes, as he kept three love letters from her until the day he died.
Agnes Von Kurowsky was an American nurse from Washington D.C, who Hemingway first met in Milan. Hemingway, who faced a major injury while working as an ambulance driver on the front, first met Agnes at the hospital he attended. Agnes soon became Hemingway’s nurse, and tended to his injuries, thus creating a bond and what seemed to be some sort of relationship. Hemingway became very fond and interested in Agnes: "When Agnes did appear, the entire place seemed to brighten because of her presence" (Hem packet). This was Hemingway’s first real true love—you could say that this was love at first sight. Though their relationship had both ups and downs; Hemingway seemed to care deeply for her. He had hoped for a serious relationship with Agnes, and even considered getting married at one point. However, Agnes did not show the same feelings for Hemingway—she was not in love with him as he was with her. She did not fall for in love with him or even call it true love, but rather just a relationship in which marriage was out of the question. Agnes found Hemingway "interesting" but he was "impulsive, hasty, not to say impetuous"--- this meant that he wasn’t really sure about what he exactly wanted (hem packet). Hemingway was too young and immature for someone like her, and after the ...

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... off of her, but rather another nurse who also worked the night shift in Milan; she was a tall, blond woman named Elsie Jessup.
In conclusion, Hemingway wrote the novel out of pure heartbrokenness. It included revenge towards Agnes because of what she did. In a despairing letter to his friend Elise MacDonald that discussed the break up, Hemingway wished bad luck on Agnes—for a man who had never loved anyone before, he would never forgive her for how much pain she had put him through. Hemingway knew one thing for sure: "I did not intend a happy ending" (hem-packet). By writing A Farewell to Arms, Hemingway was able to express himself, his emotions, and take out his frustrations on love. The idea of a detached narrator represented his relationship with Agnes. Though his relationship never turned out the way he wanted, Hemingway never forgot about Agnes.

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