Essay on Helping the Elderly

Essay on Helping the Elderly

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Department of Aging and Disabilities Services
In the state of Texas there are many who are not able to care for themselves while trying to conduct the basic everyday activities of daily life (Butler, 2009). The state of Texas Health and Human Services Department has an organization within it called the Department of Aging and Disabilities Services that focuses on enabling them to live independent, productive lives within their own community (DADS, 2008). There are services provided such as adult day care, assisted living facilities, home health care, home and community based programs, free-standing nursing home, hospital-based nursing homes, and residential care for people with mental retardation (DADS, 2008). Depending on what the person is facing with their health will determine which program will best suit their needs. The Department of Aging and Disabilities Services the Texas Aging and Disabilities Services Council that studies the overall program and makes recommendations as to how to manage and operate the department (DADS, 2008). The council studies the different outcomes from consumers, the complaints of consumers, and the statistics of the case managers basing their recommendations off of this.
There are many outcomes that the program hopes to produce, the main one being to help improve the lifestyles of those who are using the program. Some of the people who are on the program may lack the esteem to do things for themselves because their illness may be preventing them from doing so, but through the program they can learn to care for themselves again (Butler, 2009). Encouragement from those helping with the program can help those consumers feel like they can do it again by themselves and the program allows them to ...

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...home, and community support service agencies comply with state and federal standards; and indirect administration to help ensure the efficient, quality, and effective administration of services provided (DADS, 2008).

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