Helping Teachers to Incorporate Technology in the Classroom Essay

Helping Teachers to Incorporate Technology in the Classroom Essay

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Incorporating technology into a classroom can be a difficult task. Having a limited understanding of technology can be very difficult for some teachers and they may not know how to link current technology to national frameworks or standards (Stein, Ginns, & McDonald, 2006). Other teachers may not be aware of what current technology is available and those who are may have trouble modifying their lessons to include it. These dilemmas can be easily remedied with a little instruction and continuing guidance. Teachers need to get honest; technology is here to stay and it is time to bring it into each classroom, to benefit teachers and students.
First Professional Development Day and Purpose
There are seven total professional development activities planned here. If time is available, one or more can be split spanning two days or they may be completed consecutively once a month. The first professional development activity for teachers will be breaking down the barriers of feeling incompetent if they are a novice or not familiar with current technology. This would be a serious meeting consisting of all teachers at a specific school similar to the professional development days after school once every month in the Fairbanks North Star Borough School District (FNSBSD). Instead of having random professional development days seen as meaningless by some teachers, the school would concentrate on one goal or big idea for the year and this year’s big idea will be incorporating technology to improve student achievement.
Teachers would be informed beforehand what the this year’s professional development days will be about and for this first one will be asked to seriously think about their personal knowledge of technology and ho...

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