Helping Learners Learn Most Effectively Essay

Helping Learners Learn Most Effectively Essay

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Give an overview of some key theories and concepts of learning and assessment and discuss: What these learning theories tell you about different ways to help learners learn most effectively.
Gestalts’ learning is generally not thought of within the classroom but I find it is used quite frequently. Gestalt’s theory concentrates on the way in which the mind insists on finding patterns in things, and how this contributes to learning, especially the development of “insight”. When we begin school the curriculum is put in place to enable us to learn more difficult and complex information later, we use the earlier information as a reference, an insight if you like. This helps us form opinions, enables us to solve problems and use information gained to put into practise as and when required. This theory of learning will help in group work where everyone can use their knowledge as a whole and produce ideas together. Gestalts theory is interlinked with the cognitive psychology. (Atherton J S Learning and Teaching 21 February 2010)
Social learning is my personal favourite way of learning I am a great social learner I find it easy to view, learn and repeat. It has to be said that some learning is not taught but watched and copied. Within the learning environment it is essential for it to be totally inclusive for all delegates. I smile and talk to everyone, encourage all within the group no matter what their race, religion, colour or creed. This is called unconscious teaching, and is teaching delegates to respect everyone regardless of their origin and links in to Petty’s theory that “this is sometimes called the ‘hidden curriculum’”, ensuring that learning is inclusive for all within...

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...ut our courses, this could prove a valuable tool during, and at the end of course. We could design the tool specifically to include all learners, including the ones with poor literacy and numeracy skills. It could also be designed for delegates with limited English literacy and numeracy skills.
I am finding an interest in the relationship between behaviourism and adult learners returning to the learning environment. When adults arrive on First Aid courses they explain that it has been a long time since they were in school and their literacy and numeracy skills are very rusty and they can’t spell. They arrive with very little confidence appear quiet and initially withdrawn. With encouragement, praise and recognition of their achievements, at the end of the course the delegate will leave satisfied and may be prepared to under take other further education programmes.

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