Helping Homeless Students Essay

Helping Homeless Students Essay

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Homeless is defined as a person who is either living on the streets or in a shelter; a lack of substantial job, or place to live, is often the reason many become homeless. Due to the financial standing of the United States, many individuals inevitably lose jobs. A lot of times, students are caught in the cross hairs of parental mishaps. At an important time in their lives, this can often cause extra stress to be put on their shoulders which could then lead to dropping out of school all together. Based on the PCS, The Homeless Education Assistance Team survey of February of 2013, there were about 2,961 homeless students (The HEAT Staff). For just one county in Florida to have that many homeless students, is appalling. If jobs were created just for homeless students and shelters reduced the requirements to stay there, the amount of homeless students living on the streets would decrease.
Notably, many parents tell their children that they shouldn’t grow up too fast, that they’re only a kid for so long. This is a positive ideal; however, what happens when t...

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