Helping Children to Know the Importance of Family Essay

Helping Children to Know the Importance of Family Essay

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It is essential to integrate the importance of family into my child. He needs to know that friends will come and go, but family is the one constant he will have in his life. As a parent, I believe that is my job to foster the bond between siblings, as well as parent and child. I use many ways to help my child realize that family is very important. This understanding will remain with him as he grows up, marry, and embark on parenthood himself.
My first method is very simple and very effective too. I focus each and every day in the importance of eating our meals together, around the table, not in front of the television watching sports. While we are sitting there as a family, I take the opportunity to ask my son many questions about his day. Even thought he is only 2 ½ years old, I will always ask him what he did at school, or whether he behaved well or bad. Not in an accusatory meddling fashion, but in a way that shows interest and concern for his daily activities. I believe that the meals should be a peaceful and joyful time for the whole family, and it's important to create a...

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