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Over the course of my 4 years in high school, studying has been considered one of the most boring and preposterous things to do. It is tedious, time consuming, and fairly tough since social media is just one click away. As to helping an incoming freshman with his or her study habits, I have an unlimited amount of tips and tricks to give.

We have all heard this one, “Studying should be a fun moment for you, and writing that test should make you happy because you get to show me what you have learned.” I for one hated that quote and it took me many years to find studying as fun. I had to find a way at which I could make sure that what I wanted to learn is what I actually liked. So I decided to make sure that my notes were pretty, and not overload myself with 250+ pages everywhere.

Also, different subjects require different types of studying. For those who are taking Biology or Social Science in the near future, it is ALL MEMORIZATION. Courses such as Math, Chemistry, Physics, Data Management; basically anything to do with a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo numbers requires you to do the questions assigned in class all over again, and sometimes extra. Just a hint, sometimes teachers assign the same questions on tests that you’ve seen just different numbers. There are many different methods to studying for these classes.

When it comes to memorizing, pretend that you are teaching someone else. Though you will look like a fool walking back and forth saying a whole bunch of words that your mother may never be able to pronounce, DO IT. If you can teach someone else how to do something, that shows that you yourself are a teacher and now what you’re talking about. Also when you say it out loud, it is different from read in your head.

On the ot...

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...ut never study right up to the test. Always give yourself the time to rest your mind. What that means, is to allow your brain to dwell down for about 30 minutes to an hour. This allows for your brain to prepare your body and mind for the test.

Last but not least, make sure to get enough sleep and food into your system. A healthy mind requires a healthy body, and although you may think that watching one episode will not hurt, and skipping breakfast is not a big deal; it all matters at the end of the day on whether you get a 90 or a 60.

All in all with these easy, quick, tips and tricks on the most awesome ways to study. You as a freshman will be looking at high school as a breeze if it was a breeze because you knew from the start how to study. I for one took many years to develop these habits because no one taught me them. I hope for you to enjoy your next 4 years.

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