The Help of Social Psychological Essay

The Help of Social Psychological Essay

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There are many different approaches in psychology that seeks to explain behaviour through various prospective but each approach differs in explaining the cause or causes of behaviours in a person or groups. For instance, Freud’s Psychoanalytic approach argues that human behaviour is the cause of a person’s unconscious thoughts, conflicts between internal drives and childhood experiences whilst on the other hand, Behaviourist approach argues that all human behaviours are learnt through the process of operant and classical conditioning or in other words, behaviour arises as a response to conditioning. Social psychological approach argues that the influences of other people can affect human behaviour. Many approaches in psychology focus on the internal causes of a person’s behaviour but social psychological approach focus on both internal characteristics of a person and external influences like our social environment to understand the causes of human behaviour. Social psychology draws on some of the principles from the behaviourist approach that people learn to behave in response to their environment, either by stimulus-response association, or as a result of reinforcement. For the purpose of this essay, I will discuss social psychological approach in psychology drawing upon some of the types of questions social psychologist seek to answer.
For generations the field of psychology has debated whether an individual behaviour is a result of their personality or their social context (i.e. nature vs. nurture) and in attempting to answer these kind of questions, social psychologist has focus their studies in understanding the many factors and conditions that shaped human behaviour in social context, factors such as; how humans develop a ...

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... tasks compared to those without the presence of others (Crisp & Turner 2010).
Further studies and experiment in social psychology has shown how certain conditions and factors such as attitude and social influences can change or effect human behaviour, for example, studies on attitude has shown that we are not born with attitude but it’s something that humans learn through social learning with others and most importantly for social psychologist, studies also reveal that attitudes can serve as different functions for the individual and how attitude significantly affect the behaviours of people, Bandura’s (1977) social learning theory supports the view that one of the ways we learn behaviour is through the process of observational learning which in turn shows that attitude is learnt through the process of social human interaction (Mcleod, 2013 ; Baron & Byrne 2004).

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