The Help of Shell in the Niger Delta Region Essay

The Help of Shell in the Niger Delta Region Essay

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The Help of Shell in the Niger Delta Region


Shell is a group of oil and petrol companies. The parent company is Royal Dutch Shell, based in Britain, is a multinational corporation (MNC). The group of companies is active in countries all over the world, including Nigeria. The Federal Republic of Nigeria is extremely rich in oil resources. Rightly so, their business-connection goes back over fifty years. Likewise, a Shell company, the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria (SPDC), is the largest oil and gas operator in Nigeria.

Nigeria is a developing country; therefore Shell has been active in giving to the community. Over the past decades, they have tried different strategies. The company has not always been quite successful in helping the Nigerian people. Even so, Shell has continued with their social projects, their last named the Sustainable Community Development (SCD). This paper will discuss the SCD aid programme, which has come into force in 2004. It will deal with the question “to what extent has Shell been able to help the community in the Niger Delta Region from 2004 until 2012?” The following chapters will try to address this question.

First of all, a brief history of Nigeria will be given. This chapter will include a brief description of the situation in the Niger Delta, as the SPDC is mostly active in this region. The endeavours of the Nigerian government to face the poverty in the Niger Delta Region (NDR) will be named. So, what are the main efforts of the Nigerian government to help the community in the Niger Delta?

Secondly, the earlier help projects of Shell are shortly touched upon. In order to examine the SCD, its forerunners should be stated. Hence, what...

... middle of paper ...

...DR. There is no perspective in changing this.

Together they could be more effective.

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