Help, Help ( Crying ) Daddy Wake Up Essay

Help, Help ( Crying ) Daddy Wake Up Essay

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Sam cries out waking up the whole entire house. All the ligts upstairs get turned on her mother Stephanie runs down the stairs in panic with Lisa and Katelynn waiting at the top or the straiway.
“Samantha what happened” she scream before she can countien she sees her husband Adam on the floor with a pool of blood right before his neck , she leaps over to him almost breaking her leg as she shriek at the maid “CALL 911’.
Angela the Spanish maid runs over to the phone and as quickly as she can punch the numbers into the strange looking device. With her broken english she says in shock” Mr.levie he.. .. umhh She blood he…he fall. She switch to her native tounge and says “cecidit et eam venire alot sanguinis celeriter advolaturam placet ipse Deus adiuva nos, ut LPL furry globus ille excusandas excusationes in ea” (he fell and there is a lot of blood he trip on it God help us that bloodly furry ball he trip on it please come quickly).
Soon after the ambulance came, the paramedics took him and he died mintues before they reached the hospitla. Samantha wakes up remebering this atrocious day of her farther’s death. She feels responsibility and dreadful for it. Adam her father promised to take her for sugar treats that night and the only reason why he was going down those stairs was for her. Adam was a loving farther who would do anything to see his love ones with a smile on their face. He was funny, outgoing and intellegent. He had dark brown hair and three wrinkled lines on the peek of his forehead. Thick bushy eyebrows that made him look intemidating and storng. Her father had High check bones and a stud on his chin with a pointy nose with a sharp bridge. But nothing beat his round welcomi...

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...a slice of pizza and heads out the door.
Dude…..Man … he thinks im a guy. Just because I’m fat and my hair is short. He thinks im a fat guy I’ll show him. Judging people cocky ass whole the next time I see him he will have peace of my mind. Samantha says to her self. As the night pass it’s the six month mark and that mean she has to go out and needs to take of business. She gets dress in denim blue jeans and wears a white t-shirt with a black mens blazer on top.
She ran out the house and shawop into the elevater and their he was again the banging body Luke. Hey man where you headed?
“Jefferson street how about you” samantha said she just about to correct him about her gender when he interuted her again samantha said .
‘Same here want to catch as ride “as they exited the build a black limo with tinted windows waited for Sam at the front whoa is that yours Luke said.

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