Helmets go Head-to-Head in NFL Testing Essay

Helmets go Head-to-Head in NFL Testing Essay

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Helmets go Head-to-Head in NFL Testing.” Penton Business Media, Inc. and Penton Media Inc., Cleveland 83.4 (2011): 22-24. ProQuest Research Library. Web. 18 Nov. 2013.
Summary: Health officials have estimated that almost 50% of football players have at some point in their careers got a concussion and the concerns are only growing. So to help solve and improve them, five top manufacturers of football helmets have designed eleven new helmets for testing. The National Operations Committee on Standards for Athletic Equipment (NOCSAE) will test the helmets by dropping them and hitting them and reading the force from the impacts. The helmets have had small improvements, which will lead to more improvements and better safety.
Evaluation: I think this shows that the makers of helmets are designing new helmets and having them tested to pass the standards for them. With improving helmets, it will make the game safer and leading to longer careers.

Madden, Lance “NFL to Follow Army’s Lead on Helmet.” Forbes.com (2012): 28. Ebsco Research Library. Web. 18 Nov. 2013.
Summary: The NFL plans to use the same technology that the Army uses in their helmets. The idea of that is as soon as a player gets hit, the sensor in the helmet will instantly send the info the staff on the sideline to notify to pull the guy from the game and evaluate him. The sensors would help the chances of more damages from multiply hits in a short time. Doing so would stop or lessen concussions that lead to Dementia, Parkinson’s disease, Depression, and Insomnia.
Evaluation: I find this article useful to my research because it shows how the NFL is using technology of sensors to increase the safety. Increasing the safety will increase the players health and length of their ...

... middle of paper ...


Swensen, Eric “NFL Thigh Pad Testing Led by University of Virginia Researcher.” Targeted News Service, Washington D.C. (2013): ProQuest Research Library. Web. 18 Nov. 2013.
Summary: The NFL now requires thigh pads to help protect their legs. The University of Virginia did tests to determine which of the pads is the best option. Some of the pads were better, as some actually caused more chances for injury. They also tested how far players toes could bend back and the foot could twist. After the findings they then shared them with the makers of cleats to help with the improvements of better foot equipment.
Evaluation: The use and study of the foot and ankle will cause the design of better cleats. Also them using technology to test different thigh pads on hits to determine which ones help protect the thighs, while not slowing them down or making it harder to run.

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