Hello, Daddy: A Narrative Fiction Essay

Hello, Daddy: A Narrative Fiction Essay

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"Where are we off to this time, Doctor?" Clara said, her eyes lighting up as soon as she saw the Time Lord rushing madly around the console of the TARDIS. It was such a familiar sight, his brown flop of hair bopping around as he piloted the time machine wearning a bowtie, but it never failed to put pure excitement into her heart.
"Artang, Clara!" the Doctor said, giving a flourish as he pushed a lever over. "The wonderful planet of Artang. You're going to love it, I can just tell."
"I'm sure I will," Clara agreed. "Well, I would be sure if I actually knew what was on this planet of Artang that is so wonderful."
"Oh, yes, of course!" the Doctor exclaimed. "It's magical. It's sort of like Hogwarts, but instead of a school, it's a planet!"
Clara knit her brows. "So what you're saying is that in essence it's a planet full of people with magical powers? Do they use wands and fly around on broomsticks?"
"Well, no. Yes. Sort of," the Doctor rambled. "It's not actual magic, not the way that you humans think of it. For them, it's just a scientific fact of life. Every last Artangian is born with it. They all look similar as well. But as for broomsticks and wands, I don't believe so."
"Still sounds awfully fun," Clara replied. "So, Doctor, how much longer until we make it there?"
"I'm glad you asked," the Doctor answered. "You see, if I just press this and then spin that..." His voice faded away as he forced himself to focus on piloting the TARDIS. "There we go. We should be landing right about now."
Sure enough, the Doctor had done as he said. The TARDIS began to wheeze in its typical landing fashion. It was a sound that never got old, not in a few days, not in several thousand years. It simply signified adventure and discovery, which was a...

... middle of paper ...

... guess proving my identity will be a good way to get back in there."
"Hm," the Doctor grunted. He wasn't too keen on having this girl who wasn't much more than a stranger starting to pilot his precious TARDIS. So far she hadn't been able to produce any real proof that she was telling the truth. Of course, this flight was meant to be her proof.
"You two can go have fun with that," Clara said, her lips turning up.
"Oh, yes, that's perfect," Brook gushed. "You can stay here and time my flight. I'm aiming for ten minutes exactly. Got it?"
Clara gave a thumbs up, and then decided to turn her gaze back to the Doctor. When he gave her an irritated look, she just shrugged and shot a grin over towards him. He was in Brook's hands now, and she had chosen to trust her.
"Come on, Daddy!" Brook said, jumping into action and sending her curls flying. "I've got a TARDIS to pilot!"

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