Essay on Hellenism is a Polytheistic Religion

Essay on Hellenism is a Polytheistic Religion

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Garrison Keillor has said “Anyone who thinks sitting in church can make you a Christian must also think that sitting in a garage can make you a car.” Religion seems to be a big part of our world, religion is a global thing and people seem to forget that. knowing a religion is good but if you also open yourself up to others then you can see different point of views. and one of the very less known is the Greek religion

The Greek religion was formed from the mycenaean religion during the bronze age in 3300 - 1200 BC. The Greeks named their religion Hellenism and it started before 6000 BC (with some help from the mycenaean religion). For the Greeks Hellenism was the base of their lives they often said a quick prayer before doing something important or making an important choice. Hellenism is a variety of religions of Ancient Greece. The Greeks symbol was two snakes wrapping around a pole with wings near the top. Most folktales told in hellenism tie to how things are today.

Hellenism is a polytheistic religion with exactly 13 major gods and goddesses and many more smaller gods or demigods. The Greeks thought of their gods rather like themselves and that they spoke to to ordinary people through priest and priestesses. The Greeks had temples built to be homes for the spirits of the gods and goddesses, no ordinary people could go in there for worship. The Greeks had a variety of beliefs for the afterlife from a shadowy existence in the underworld, to a paradise - like afterlife (mainly in mystery religions), to no afterlife at all. The writings of the Greeks were the poems by homer and hesiod and the plays by euripides sophocles and others. The Greeks belief of human life was subject to the whim of the gods and to fate these can be con...

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...leaves of whitethorn and smeared their door with tar to protect themselves from evil.

There are almost no follower anymore it is ancient to extinct, but people are trying to revive since 1990. There are as many as 2,000 followers to the hellenic tradition in greece, with an additional;1000,00 who are “interested” but not committed. Its is not a widespread religion like buddhism and christianity but its one that even today is apart of our society. The stories of the gods are ones we say in modern society, the story of “King Midas” is an example.

With all this said it seems that the greek religion was and is a strong religion. They held dedication and praise to their gods and learn to make it apart of there lives. With so much they did and learned is an amazing thing. And by learning a little more about another religion I hope you learn to open up to more of them.

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