Hell: What We Think We Know Essay

Hell: What We Think We Know Essay

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The subject of Hell is a subject that turns many people off to organized religion today. After all, who wants to spend their Sunday mornings listening to a preacher rant and rave about the “Hell fire and brimstone” of Hell or “burning in Hell” or if you don’t change your ways you will spend eternity in Hell. Most want to be entertained and walk out of church feeling all warm and fuzzy. Therefore, clergy mostly ignore the subject or gloss over it even though they believe Hell exists because of their extensive study of God’s word. After all, it is pretty horrible to think of someone being sent to Hell for eternity, but Hell is given more time in the Scriptures than Heaven. Hell is as difficult to describe as Heaven since none of us have been there or know anyone that has been there.
In our society, most of us don’t want to think about Hell. We want to believe that God is a loving God that forgives and shows mercy on sinners and saves them from an eternity in Hell. But in reality, Hell is real. None of us are exempt unless we have come to the Father through baptism and accepted Him as our Savior while agreeing to follow the path He has made for us and stay true to His word.
If you study the Bible, you will find that Hell is actually pretty complex but the study of Hell can be pretty fascinating. Most of the references from the Bible describe Hell as a pretty grim and miserable place that none of us would want to visit, let alone spend eternity in. All of us have our own preconceived notion as to what Hell may be like, but from Sunday School to modern day movies, we probably all think it is HOT….fiery….and pretty awful.
When I think of Hell I visualize it as a dark and fiery place. A place wher...

... middle of paper ...

...s allow us to think about things in different ways.
I find it fascinating that Hell is described as such a complex place with so many levels, circles, chambers and such. After researching the subject it is enough to make me reflect on my life and that in reality, Hell is a place of complete, unending separation from God. 2 Thessalonians 1:9. That is enough for me to strive harder to follow God’s word for my life. While we may not understand what Heaven is like, and we don’t know for sure what Hell is like, I’d rather take my chances with Heaven.

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