Essay on Helen Keller : An Intelligent Young Girl

Essay on Helen Keller : An Intelligent Young Girl

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Helen Keller was born Helen Adams Keller on June 27, 1980 in Tuscumbia, Alabama. Her parents’ names were Arthur H. Keller and Katherine Adams Keller; she was the first of two daughters that the couple had. Helen’s family wasn’t from the wealthy class, but earned most of their profits from their cotton plantation that they owned. Helen was born a healthy baby at first being able to see, hear, and even speak by the time she was six months old. Later on in 1882, she got sick which left her blind, death, and mute ( Her family doctor said it was “brain fever” which caused her to have a high temperature, but it was unclear what type of illness she had. It was possible she had a case of scarlet fever or meningitis that left her permanently blind and deaf (
Helen learned her surroundings through sight, taste, and smell. She was an intelligent young girl even though she was blind and deaf. Helen learned what her family members and other people were saying by feeling the movement of their lips. Whenever she couldn’t join in their conversations she got really upset and was angry ( From the time of her birth, Helen was known to be wild and to not follow orders that were given to her. Later on when Helen wrote her autobiography, she stated that at the age of six years old that “the needs of some means of communication was so important that the outbursts she had happened all the time even every day and even hourly ( As a child, Helen learned only limited amounts of communication with Martha Washington, the young daughter of the family cook. Martha Washington and Helen both learned a different type of sign language that they had both created. When Keller was seven years old they both had ...

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...candidate, Eugene Debs ( She wrote essays on socialism called “Out of the Dark” which explained her views about socialism along with world affairs (
In 1960, Helen Keller suffered a stroke and spent the rest of her life in her home in Arcan Ridge in Westport, Connecticut. The last appearance she had ever made was in Washington, D.C. at the Lions Clubs Foundation meeting in 1961 ( At that meeting, she was honored with the Lions Humanitarian Award for her service to humanity, her inspiration for adoption by the Lions Clubs International Foundation of sight conservation, and aid to blind programs ( On June 1, 1969 at her home in Connecticut she later died short from her 88th birthday. Helen Keller’s ashes were put next to her friends Anne Sullivan Macy and Polly Thomson in St. Joseph’s Chapel of Washington Cathedral.

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