Helen Keller an Astonishing Soldier in the Battle Against Blindness Essay

Helen Keller an Astonishing Soldier in the Battle Against Blindness Essay

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Helen Keller was born on June 27, 1880, in Tuscumbia, Alabama. She was raised by her mother and father, Arthur Keller and Kate Adams. At a very young age keller was stricken with what they claim to have been either rubella or scarlet fever; as a result, Keller was left deaf and blind. Although, this led to challenges and raised many contradictions as to whether keller would live, but not only live but strive in life this was motivation to Keller. Even with all of the obstacles Helen faced , she would not let anything stand in her way and would not allow her personal circumstances to hold her back from being just as successful as anyone without her disabilities would. Although Helen Keller had many challenges and an overwhelming amount of obstacles she had to face, she pushed forward and didn't allow anything to restrict her future; on that note, Keller did many marvelous things throughout her eighty-seven years of life, for example, she traveled the world and was an amazing public speaker, she
was also an advocate for people with disabilities, and lastly, she fought for women's rights.
At the young age of 6 helen Keller was said to have become “more animal than human” (Benge & Benge 3). After being struck blind and deaf built up anger was causing her to throw tantrums which began the uprising of contradictions on whether Keller was safe to live with her parents or whether she should be placed in a “more safe” living environment such as a hospital for those with mental problems. Keller was basically overly frustrated because in a such a small amount of time so much was taken from her. The transition from being able to see and hear and then going to not being able to do either had to be one of the hardest of them all. At the age o...

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...ef that all people should be treated equally and that just because certain people had certain disabilities anyone with the work ethic and anyone who really wanted it could succeed in life, all people deserved an equal chance at success. On that note, Keller not only fought for other peoples rights, she also knew what she wanted for herself and went to great lengths to reach personal goals set for herself.

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