Essay on Helen and Theodor Geisel and Global Fascism and American Isolationism

Essay on Helen and Theodor Geisel and Global Fascism and American Isolationism

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Helen and Theodor Geisel moved to New York City, and Geisel’s career flourished there. His fist success was as a cartoonist for Judge magazine. Following a cartoon which jokingly featured a brand of bug spray called “Flit”, the company hired him to do their advertising. His campaign featured cartoons of men facing giant beasts, frantically shouting “Quick, Henry, get the Flit!”. These ads were so popular that Geisel was able to support Helen and himself when other companies, including Standard Oil, hired him to advertise for them as well. This popularity caught the attention of a popular liberal newspaper, called PM, which is where he created his first political cartoons. He worked there from 1941-1942 (Baumgatner 43-45).
The outbreak of World War II sparked a patriot and an activist in Geisel, and he had a thirst to voice his disgust in both global fascism and American isolationism. He was particularly appalled by an organization called American First, which advocated no involvement in the war, and in Hitler’s regime. He gained the admiration of many of the American people when President Roosevelt openly supported Geisel’s criticism of a decorated hero of war and isolationist named Lindbergh (Morgan 102). Philip Nel, noted for his study of Dr. Seuss’s life and works, credits the war for Geisel’s passion and support of different groups- “Seuss’s work in the fight against fascism both spurred his commitment to various issues and motivated him to write books that encourage readers to challenge certain structures of power” (41). Hitler’s first appearance was in a comic depicting him standing near a cow with the caption “The head eats, the rest gets milked,” representing his dictatorship over the countries that were under...

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... Seuss’s children’s books are goldmines of symbolism, metaphors, and political and social truths. The ideals of “Horton Hears a Who!” and “Yertle the Turtle” reflect the causes that Geisel cried out for at the start of his career as a political cartoonist.
Theodor Seuss Geisel has helped dispel a lot of the nonsense that children are taught and… his books always maintained their universal cry for wonder, fairness, and love (Morgan 291).” Geisel used his political knowledge and passion to open the eyes of all people, no matter how young, and no matter how small. Theodor Seuss Geisel died a hero among children and adults alike. He accomplished a task that would be impossible to most; he was able to incorporate not only the simple difference between good and bad, but the realities of social injustice and the power of the oppressed, into children’s books.

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