Heinz Kohut's Personality Theory: Dexter Morgan Essay

Heinz Kohut's Personality Theory: Dexter Morgan Essay

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Dexter Morgan, played by Michael C. Hall in the popular television series Dexter, is an extremely complex and interesting man. Dexter works for the Miami police department as a blood spatter expert, helping and assisting in the solving of multiple murder cases; ironically enough he is secretly a murderer. His lifestyle and personality is full of deep secrets and deep seeded emotional problems. Throughout the series of Dexter the audience has access to the dark truth about Dexter Morgan: that he enjoys killing “bad” people. He chooses and kills his victims according to “Harry’s Code:” that Dexter can harm no innocent person. Harry is Dexter’s adoptive father who enabled and taught Dexter how to effectively and operatively kill. In the following paragraphs I will compare Heinz Kohut’s personality theory to Dexter Morgan.
According to Scott Barnett, the writer of “TV Character Analysis: Dexter Morgan,”
Dexter was traumatized at the age of 3 by seeing his mother killed with a chainsaw inside
of a shipping container. Left there to die, he was alone in a pool of his mother’s blood for
3 days before Officer Harry Morgan showed up as the first cop on the scene. . . Dexter
started showing signs of being a murderer, killing small animals, dogs, etc. Harry saw this
in him very early and soon began showing Dexter a way to control it and use it for good.
Harry told him, "There are people out there that do really bad things... and the police can't
catch them all." From there on Dexter was taught by Harry to cover his tracks, to look at
every detail, to spot these kind of "bad" people and to never get caught.
Now adopted by Harry, Dexter quickly iden...

... middle of paper ...

...facilitate and make possible positive change” as indicated by Richard M. Ryckman.
Dexter, the dry-humored day saving murderer continues to make a splash in the entertain world today. Digging deeper into this character’s personality and helps me to better understand him. Regardless of the fact that he is killing “bad” people, Dexter is a cold blooded killer. Nevertheless we love his character and essentially cheer for him at the end of the day.

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