Essay about The Height And Weight Perception Of Black Males

Essay about The Height And Weight Perception Of Black Males

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This present work is centered on the superhumanization bias and how it may influence the height and weight perception of black males. Superhumanization is the perception of black people as beings beyond the human realm that possess supernatural physical abilities and supernatural intellectual abilities. While it may seem like a positive attribution, superhumanization denies Blacks the vast array of emotions and hardships that are allowed to white people. Considering the physical superhumanization of Blacks in pop culture and the media, the current question is whether if this bias will correlate with the estimation of Blacks as taller and heavier than they really are. As a method of collecting data, 130 participants will be given a force choice survey containing questions on the superhumanization, normal capabilities, height, and weight of two fictitious targets pictured. Based on their answers, participants will be divided into four groups and the scores will be analyzed using a one-way ANOVA.  
The Superhumanization Bias and its Influence on Height, Weight, and Strength Perception
Recent events surrounding the shootings of several unarmed, young black males have sparked political and social outrage across America (Boswell, 2014). Regardless of whether the shootings of Dontre Hamilton, Michael Brown, and Tamir Rice were justified, the way in which the white police officers who shot Hamilton, Brown, and Rice described these young men raises curiosity and warrants analysis. On April 30th, 2014, 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton was shot 14 times by Christopher Manney (Hayes, 2014). Manney argued that it was impossible for one man to restrain Hamilton, as he was extremely strong and muscular. In actuality, Hamilton was 5’7”, mentally ill, ...

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...otted to an individual’s own in-group (Goff, Jackson, Di Leone, Culotta, & DiTomasso, 2014). Tactics of dehumanization, of course, helped fuel slavery throughout Europe and the Americas-- taking both scientific and religious forms (Parks & Heard, 2009). Religiously speaking, black people seen as animals thought to be created by god in order to serve white people (Cone, 1977). In citing Greek, Roman, and Biblical slavery, defenders of such oppression argued that it was the inherent order of mankind and slaves were better off living in “civilized” society compared to savage heathenry in Africa (Hunt, 1884). More importantly, many Whites claimed that slavery was essential to control the sheer chaos that would break out if black slaves were allowed the same rights as Whites as they would enact violence against white people, raping and pillaging property and white women.

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