Hegemonic Masculinity Is Criticized For Being Framed Within Hetero Normative Conception Of Gender

Hegemonic Masculinity Is Criticized For Being Framed Within Hetero Normative Conception Of Gender

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The concept of hegemonic masculinity is criticized for being framed within hetero-normative conception of gender that divides male-female difference and ignores difference and exclusion within the gender categories. Through this theory, many heterosexual and homosexual individuals find their sexual identities through their moral beliefs about their sexual behaviors and dictate whether they are virgin or non-virgin. With the flexibility about virginity loss and the different meanings of what it is being a virgin revolves around complexity, therefore we cannot give a set description of the sexual identity of virginity because of our multiple acts of coitus and sexualities such as gay, lesbian, or bisexual sexual behaviors. The reason why I propose this is because with the given different types of coitus, and dependent on the social group and social factors that play within the role of identity is far more difficult to come to an exact meaning of considering who and what makes you a virgin or non-virgin. Within the complexity of coitus, many results from research have found many different individuals who were heterosexual or homosexual to give the almost the exact beliefs about defining what sex was and what defined them as sexually active. According to Carpenter, the definitions of virginity loss and sex are “ambiguous” and with the exception of coitus, people from both sexualities disagree about which sexual activities can result in virginity loss and what activities really are sex (Carpenter, 2001). In terms, Carpenter really goes against Berger and Wegner’s conclusion about defining virginity loss. In “The Ideology of Virginity,” they state that “the ideal of female chastity (including premarital sexuality) is an aspect of male p...

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...nstead by their “experience during the sexual act” (Schick et al. 2015). Throughout the research Carpenter’s study still remains to be agreeable and comes to the view that we may continue to find and search for the definition of virginity loss through the ambiguity of having sex.
In conclusion, Carpenter’s view remain applicable to present day research. According to the different sexual orientations, it reveals through research that much of our definitions and interpretations of having sex will continue to remain complex in this field of study due to the different depiction of what a non-virgin is. The aspect of value, beliefs, and identity gives individuals the uncertainty of whether they can state if the act is sexual or not. The complexity of the issue will continue to remain according to societal factors and depiction of hegemonic masculinity with the society.

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