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The Hebrew Diaspora Essay

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The Jews faced a long history of persecution and racism. Envy, greed, and thirst for power caused groups such as the Assyrians, Babylonians, and Romans (to name a few) to persecute, exile, and threaten the existence of the Hebrew community. The Diaspora was definitely not a single event taking place over the course of one night, it was rather a series of dispersals by varying groups of people continuing up to the present time. The Diaspora resulted in the spread of the Hebrew population along with their culture and beliefs, which ultimately strengthened the Hebrew community. The Hebrew Diaspora was a forced movement of Hebrews as a direct result of racial prejudice and anti-Semitic movements, ultimately resulting in the spread of the Hebrew community along with their culture and belief systems throughout the global spectrum. The Diaspora was not a new concept as it affected communities such as the Africans through the infamous African Slave Trade prior to Hebrew Diaspora. So, when did the Diaspora first affect the Hebrew community?
The Hebrews had a long history of persecution starting with their earliest exile from the kingdom of Assyria. The Hebrew community was exiled more than once, scattering the population and the community all over the face of the globe. However, the earliest Diasporas occurred within the Hebrew community was a result of the brutal actions of the Assyrian and later, the Babylonian kingdoms. In the year of 721 BCE, the Assyrians intruded the homeland of the Jews—Israel—and further conquered and annihilated the North Kingdom of this land. In approximately 587 BCE, the Babylonians intruded and destroyed the South Kingdom of Israel. Both the Assyrians and the Babylonians drove the Hebrew out of their home of ...

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