Heavens In World Religions Essay

Heavens In World Religions Essay

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Heavens in World Religions

All over the world many religions believe heaven is located in many different places. Some have been lead to believe it is actually an undiscoverable, unreachable place on earth; only those who have died can seek and dwell in it. Whereas some religions believe heaven may not even be located on earth. In fact, heaven isn’t always just a place; some believe it is a state of being (Zaleski).

Heaven is often only seen as somewhere free from hunger, thirst, pain, deprivation, disease, ignorance, and strife although heaven may be free of all these things they are not the only gifts that await you. Other more rewarding gifts to look forward to are complete contentment, perfect knowledge, everlasting rest, overwhelming peace, communion with God, and ecstatic joy (Zaleski). Most cultures, if not all, have multiple images of heaven, this wonderful place abundant with gifts and happiness is mostly portrayed with order. It contains the blueprints of all the creations on earth, the resting spot for all earthly rulers to direct and govern, and the values by which to determine the beauty, goodness and truth (Zaleski). It’s pretty much safe to say all religions preach that your one way ticket to heaven is through praiseworthy activity such as performing sacrifices, or enduring great suffering. On the other hand, heaven is also understood as the reward for a life well lived, the fulfillment of the hearts deepest desire and the ultimate reference point for all human motivation and hope (Zaleski). Yet many view that heaven is accessible only as the free gift of a divine being. Either way all religions have different understandings of after life, and different beliefs and teachings.

Religions, such as Islam, ...

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... Judaism and Islam shared the most similarities with their Gods, YHWH and Allah, and their system of reincarnation, those who are righteous will dwell in happiness in future rebirth. When it came to the image of heaven all three had no similarities they all believe heaven in a different light. They all see heaven positively but out of all three the one that stands out the most is Buddhism, it is the only one that has suffering in one of its heavens or realms. This religion is the most unique and enriched religion I’ve heard of. They do not believe in a God but trust in three things, they do not have a heaven, but have six realms of rebirth, all six unique in there own way. To conclude all religions have three things in common: we must earn our spot in heaven, they believe in some type of God or ruler, and have an image of how heaven was created and what it looks like.

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